2017 - Recap

In 2017, Drone Focus Conference saw incredible growth and impact with over 600 attendees, 55 presenters, and over 290 companies represented. Everyone in attendance is sure to remember, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao's remarks at last year's event which highlighted North Dakota as a leading state for drone research and testing as well as provided a clear outline of the challenges to come.

The event hosted fast-paced mainstage content with interactive workshops and focused lunches. In addition, the event featured a Drone Focus Fest with autonomous vehicles, drone racing, a live band, and more. 

Elaine L. Chao

U.S. Transportation Secretary

The integration of drones into our national airspace will be the biggest technological challenge to aviation since the beginning of the Jet Age. We need the smartest infrastructure possible to allow manned and unmanned aircraft and vehicles to safely share airspace and roads. North Dakota is one of the leading states for drone research and testing, and I thank Senator Hoeven for inviting me to the second annual Drone Focus conference so I could see first-hand the important work that’s being done to help enable this exciting new technology.