The Prairie Den believers are individuals and organizations who stepped up without hesitation from the moment we announced the Prairie Den, believing in the community we can build. They believed in the Prairie Den in a big way by donating dollars, time, creativity, and resources. Without the help of these believers, the Prairie Den would not exist as Fargo’s “student union” and a place for our community to work, gather, learn, celebrate and grow.


The Prairie Den supporters are individuals and organizations who contributed to making the Prairie Den come to life. Each of our supporters found ways to fill needs of the Prairie Den in our early days by donating furniture, supplies, and resources that helped us get the space up and running.


When we asked for people to put their hands up and count themselves in, we had 70+ people who donated dollars to give the Prairie Den a much-needed cash infusion in order to open our doors. You’ll see our co-founders around Fargo and around the world, wearing their Prairie Den Co-Founder t-shirts!

Artists + Crafters

Part of the Prairie Den dream is to deck this place out with heaps and heaps of Fargo goodness – from artists to carpenters – who make the Den for Fargo, by Fargo. We’ve got work 15+ artists and crafters, including McCal Joy Johnson, Karman Rheault, Nick Hartling, Jay the Muralist, Artist Nichole Rae, Dan Francis, Kemmco, Fargo Home Details, and more to come!

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